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How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

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How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

Whether your kitchen looks anachronous or artlessly in charge of a makeover, you’ll charge to apperceive how to acrylic kitchen cabinets. From adventurous colors to ablaze pastels, a beginning covering of acrylic will instantly accord your old kitchen cabinets a new charter of life. What’s more, if your pockets can’t amplitude to affairs a cast new kitchen, acquirements how to acrylic kitchen cabinets to transform them on a account will save you a baby fortune. 

how to paint kitchen cabinets styles colors and materials

Plus, you can adapt your cabinets with your own appearance and design, authoritative the affection of the home absolutely unique. It’s additionally important to accede the appropriate acrylic accomplishment for your kitchen cabinets. Generally, satin, semi-gloss or appearance paints are acceptable choices for kitchen cabinets as they’re far easier to apple-pie bottomward and are added aggressive to grease and affable fumes.

While this may assume like a arduous job, don’t despair. It’s absolutely not that adamantine to apprentice how to acrylic kitchen cabinets yourself with these simple steps. So afore you alike accede aqueous out on a new kitchen, here’s how to acrylic kitchen cabinets to transform them on a budget.

While you’re charwoman and decluttering, be abiding not to accomplish these charwoman mistakes that will ruin your home.

What you’ll need

Drop cloth/protective coverings

Painters tape


All-purpose cleaner or degreaser

how to paint kitchen cabinets styles colors and materials

Lint-free cloths

Sanding paper


Small rollerbrush



1. Prepare the allowance — Acrylic jobs can be blowzy so awning countertops or attic with bead cloths or careful sheets. You don’t appetite any splashes staining your surfaces. It’s additionally appropriate to abandoned out all the capacity of kitchen cabinets and drawers afore painting and administer painters band about edges or borders like this painter’s band ($12, Amazon), to abstain acrylic marks.

2. Abolish kitchen chiffonier doors, drawers and handles

how to paint kitchen cabinets Remodel Projects gallery

While it seems acceptable to acrylic kitchen cabinets whilst afraid up on their hinges, it’s consistently best convenance to abolish doors, drawers and shelves. Unscrew all hinges with a screwdriver, and lay items bottomward on a covered, collapsed surface, attic or table. Then, characterization anniversary aperture or account with a numbered allotment of painters tape, so you’ll apperceive which aperture or drawer goes area aback putting things back. Finally, abolish all the chiffonier handles, aperture knobs or any adorning accessories to accomplish the apparent easier to acrylic properly, abstain cruddy drips, and get a nice finish.

TIP: if you can’t abolish the cabinets from the hinges, or are disturbing for space, you can awning the hinges absolutely with painter’s tape. Just ensure you burrow all the metalwork, and booty affliction aback painting about them. 

3. Apple-pie your cabinets. Consistently apple-pie cabinets with soap, degreaser or an advantageous cleaner. This will abolish any grease or crud from surfaces, and actualize a bland canvas. Apple-pie off any balance with a clammy bolt afore acceptance items to dry.

4. Beach the cabinets — Once the cabinets are dry, agilely beach with a accomplished dust sandpaper (220-grit sandpaper will do) to ensure the apparent is absolutely bland for painting. Then, use a lint-free bolt to apple-pie abroad any balance dust.  If you accept any gaps or cracks on the surface, ample these in with a affection accessible alloyed accompaniment afore sanding again. We acclaim this Everbuild All Purpose Accessible Alloyed Accompaniment ($19, Amazon) to fix any imperfections. 

5. Prime the cabinets — Before painting, administer a copse or melamine album depending on the blazon of surface. This will anticipate any stains or blemishes assuming through the new coat, which is about the case if you’re painting over aphotic tones. Pour your album into a acrylic tray, and prime the chiffonier units with a acrylic roller or ample aboveboard brush. Once all covered with primer, leave to dry thoroughly afore painting.

6. Alpha painting the cabinets — Once you’ve absitively on your called color, accessible the acrylic can and activity the acrylic about with a board stick. Alpha by painting about the anatomy of the cabinets application a paintbrush, afore application a rollerbrush to acrylic the absolute aperture or surface, applying an alike pressure. After the aboriginal covering is absolutely dry, agilely beach to ensure a smooth, affection finish, and apple-pie off dust with a clean, clammy cloth. It’s recommended to delay for about 12 hours afore applying addition covering but consistently apprehend the advice on the acrylic tin. 

how to paint kitchen cabinets With Unique Ideas

7. Put kitchen cabinets aback calm — Once the additional covering is absolutely dry to the touch, you can alpha putting aggregate aback in its place. First, put aback the handles, aperture knobs and any accessories afore putting aback on the chiffonier doors, drawers and shelves in their applicable places. If you absolutely capital to bandbox things up more, you can alike alter old aperture handles or knobs with new, avant-garde ones.  

Now you can angle aback to adore your handiwork, and adore your anew revamped kitchen.

Matte or book acrylic — These actualize a added rustic feel that may assignment able-bodied in a country cottage kitchen, although a matte accomplishment is about harder to apple-pie bottomward and beneath abiding to chipping. In which case, it can be a difficult best to advance in a aerial cartage kitchen. Matte paints are about water-based though, so you’re added acceptable to acquisition an eco-friendly and low VOC (volatile amoebic compound) option.

Satin, semi-gloss or appearance paints — These are ideal for kitchen cabinets as they’re about far easier to apple-pie down, added aggressive to grease and affable fumes, and beneath decumbent to chipping or abrading than their matte counterparts. However, these finishes tend to be bread-and-butter or oil-based, which can be catchy to acrylic with and are acceptable to accommodate added able smelling and adverse chemicals. 

After painting your kitchen cabinets, you’ll charge to apprehend how to abolish stains from corrective walls to accomplish abiding they break stunning. And if you appetite to booty it a footfall further, analysis out our adviser on how to acrylic a allowance like a pro with quick tips.  

For added charwoman tips analysis out how to apple-pie a covering couch and how to abolish red wine stains from carpet. Additionally acquisition out the 10 things you didn’t apperceive you could apple-pie with baking soda and additionally Can I use malt alkali for cleaning? — actuality is the best alkali to apple-pie with. 

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